Commercial Pest Control in Orange County

Bruce Exterminating provides the reliable pest and rodent control that Orange County businesses need to keep customers and employees safe with affordable commercial pest control services. From rodents to spiders, we're familiar with all the pests likely to affect businesses in or around Orange County.
As exterminators in Orange County that rodents should fear, we apply our knowledge of effective rodent control with the use of some of the latest industry technology. Our insect exterminators will quickly assess the situation and determine the most appropriate reactive and proactive measures to take to protect your business from unwelcome rodents.
Our approach to bee removal for Orange County retail, commercial, and business customers begins with assessing the situation and includes steps to discourage further nest building. When bees suddenly pose a risk to your customers, employees, guests, shoppers, customers or students, our exterminators quickly respond to apply effective bee removal strategies.
Wasp removal that Orange County business owners request from us often includes removal of nests around areas where customers or employees gather. When immediate wasp removal is needed, our team is prepared to safely evaluate the situation, look for related issues and resolve the problem.
As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the effective and reliable pest control Orange County customers expect, we offer continuous pest control treatment programs to ensure optimal pest protection year-round. We're so confident that our approach to pest removal and control will be effective that we have guarantees available for your added peace of mind.

Bruce Exterminating provides reliable commercial pest control service to any type of commercial space in and around Newport Beach, including schools, hotels, apartment complexes, shopping malls, warehouses and commercial offices. Our affordable rates mean that our pest removal and control services can easily fit into your budget. Call today to request a free estimate.