Bee & Wasps in Orange County

If you suddenly notice an increase in bees and wasps around your home or business in Orange County, it's time to let the exterminators at Bruce Exterminating take care of the problem. With larger nests supporting up to 75 wasps, only trained insect exterminators should handle nest removals.
Whether you're dealing with bumblebees or more aggressive yellow jackets and hornets, our exterminators will determine the most appropriate removal method to use to resolve the problem. We have the skill required to safely approach infestations in walls or attics. Since we maintain flexible hours, we're able to provide the bee removal that Orange County homeowners and business owners request to remove active nests as quickly as possible.
Wasp removal that Orange County customers can expect from us includes checking for nests and ensuring that removal has been successful with follow-up visits as necessary. While mud daubers are considered beneficial wasps, removal of nests is necessary if located in an undesirable area, like close to a backyard where your children play. In addition to safely removing the nest, we'll also seal harborage sites such as cracks and holes to discourage further nest building.
We provide the budget-friendly pest control Orange County residents need on a regular basis. In addition to bee and wasp removal, we're also a reliable source of rodent control Orange County homeowners and business owners can count on when uninvited guests show up. Whether you're in need of effective wasp and bee removal, rodent control, or general pest control services, you'll benefit from honest estimates, reasonable pricing, and attentive service from our certified and licensed technicians.
Reliable pest control is what you can expect from Bruce Exterminating. With flexible scheduling, the dependable exterminators Orange County customers need are prepared to respond quickly. Call today to get started with a free estimate.